Saturday, August 27, 2011

Put your id in your left shoe

I am in Brooklyn during the saga of Hurricane Irene. It has been an intense two days with crowds emptying the stores of batteries, bottled water, and other supplies. The t.v. has been 100% focused on the storm's impending arrival.

There have been many efforts to evacuate the most affected areas, particularly the low-laying coastal neighborhoods. One authority even went so far as to tell viewers to put ids and other important documents in the left shoe with the laces tied so that the bodies can be easily identified, in a worst-case scenario. This seems a bit excessive to me. 

In addition to necessary goods, I noticed many New Yorkers also stocking up on beer and party food. I should not be surprised that many people will be waiting for Irene in style. For once, I am grateful to be staying in a place far from the sea. I will be staying inside, as far from any windows as possible. I will be barefoot. I wish Irene would to leave NYC alone.

Eva on my mind

I have been on vacation since July. An extended summer vacation is definitely one of the best parts of my life as a teacher. Last week, I spent five days in Chicago with two of my favorite people, who are conveniently also both teachers! We spent lazy days going to museums, taking long walks, and visiting farmers markets. It was a perfect visit. The highlight was when their one-and-a-half year old daughter Eva came up to me after I returned from a pedicure, pointed to my feet and said, "Deedee's toes." Melt my heart!


I love my friends

This past weekend I had the great privilege of spending some serious quality time with four of my best friends. We went to Maryland and had an absolutely fabulous time, of course!